So, what is Co – Working space HCM? Why has it grown so much and is so popular in Vietnam? What are the advantages of this working model over traditional office types? Let’s check out 7 factors explaining why startups, small and medium businesses choose this type of office for their company !

7 reasons to explain why Co - Working space HCM has become popular recently

What is Co – Working space HCM model?

Co – Working space is a working environment in the form of sharing and cohesion in the same space of different companies. This type of working model has been created and developed in many countries around the world. In Vietnam, it has only been widely available in recent years.

Co – working place allows many people from different companies to work together and share the same space with full facilities like a traditional office. The gathering of companies from many different fields will diversify the working community, which can help companies expand opportunities for cooperation and learning from each other in the process of working together.

What is Co - Working space HCM model?

7 reasons why Co – working space HCM has become popular recently

Flexible time as well as the way it works

Co – working place has a very flexible and comfortable working environment, without being confined in any framework or principle. Therefore, this is truly an ideal working environment for startups or developing companies, looking for an open and friendly working environment.

Companies can flexibly rent their workplaces. At the same time, they can choose the desired working position and seat, maximize convenience and improving the employee’s performance.

7 reasons why Co - working space HCM has become popular recently

Minimizing unnecessary office expenses

Using the type of shared office service Co – working space also gives companies and businesses an ideal workspace with a lowest cost. In addition to the much more affordable rent than renting a fixed office, Co – working space also helps businesses no longer have to worry about other service costs such as electricity, water, internet, …

Expanding cooperation and connecting is easier than ever

When you work in a Co – working space, you will have the opportunity to exchange and expand business cooperation with many companies in different fields. Because of the open working environment, there will be opportunities for you to share, approach and learn a lot from other companies that share your working space. 

Improving productivity with the best efficiency

Although Co – Working space has an open and comfortable working space, this is a very professional and creative working environment. Your company will be working and interacting with other companies with the same entrepreneurial orientation, … thereby helping employees be more motivated and interested in working, maximizing productivity.

Promoting and maximizing business results

Using the first Co – Working space will help you reduce unnecessary expenses, so that there will be funding to expand and develop your other business projects. Moreover, Co – working space also creates opportunities for your company to have business cooperation with other companies, bring back quality contracts.

There are facilities like the convenient “Relax Room” room

After a tiring working day, employees of the companies can relax and rest in these “Relax Room” rooms. This “relaxing room” service is provided by most Co – working space rental offices, so that employees can lie down and regain energy so that they can return to work in the best way.

Co – working place HCM is an endless place to share your work inspiration and creativity

When working in shared office space, you will have the opportunity to chat, inspire and share business ideas with “talents” from other companies. They all have business development goals as well as endless ambition and creativity. Therefore, you can learn and receive the maximum support from them.

The 7 reasons above explain why Co – Working space HCM has become a great choice for startups, small and medium businesses. Not only brings convenience with advantages that traditional offices do not have, shared office services have been and will be more and more used by businesses in the future. If you still have any questions or need to use co – working space, please contact Officespot right away to choose the best working position for your company!