About us

We are a young company but we grew fast, thanks to the support of all our valuable cutomers.


Our Officespot holds a dual perspective dear to our core values of providing the best coworking space, rental offices, and virtual office. For one, the need to encourage creativity and promote innovation in business, situated in a tailored setting. For another, a shared quest for entrepreneurship marked by a willingness by us to foster a collective of like-minded and driven individuals – be they expats or Vietnamese – who are choosing to have their own ventures in this fabulous country. We look forward to binding these perspectives together in order to create a vibrant and promising community that will achieve great tasks together through coworking.

Who we are

Officespot has more than 10 successful years as a boutique office rental company in Saigon since 2007 with all service of Coworking space, Virtual office, office rental We have found success offering personalized co-working space and virtual offices services to a variety of businesses in Vietnam. Our next ten years’ goals are going to transform our company, as we seek to leverage our office rental experience into the modern age. This will ensure our customers continue experiencing a better coworking space and rental service from us.

Officespot Coworking and Virtual office are the parts of our personal effort to promote and foster a friendly office working environment and community in Saigon. We aim at creating and cultivating a office coworking culture of creativity, of collaboration, and of innovation, which we hope will be a part in Vietnam’s progression as a competitor in the not-so-distant future, on innovation and design. This effort builds on our strength in and knowledge of personalized office rental, coworking space and virtual office in Vietnam, as well as our international network and identity. An identity that embraces entrepreneurship and the can-do attitude.

What We Do

At Officespot, we are always available 24 hours to serve you. You can book your private office, working space, meeting room or book a virtual office with us at any time.

Open Desk

This co-working space plan is suited to all clients that need a workplace in a short term arrangement.

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Private Office

Advantages of a private office are numerous. Our private offices are noise free, with a humble working environment. Do you love private office to work on, and you are probably looking for the perfect private office near you?

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Virtual Office

Officespot is dedicated to providing a virtual office adress for those that need only a business address without the need to break the bank to get a permanent office.

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Meeting room and event Place

At Officespot we provide free meeting room near you with the full equipment and nice designs.

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Service Apartment

At Officespot, we also offer the perfect service rooms for your short term or long-term stay. Our service apartment comes along with the perfect housekeeping and house service all structured to ensure your stay in our service apartments is a success and as comfy as possible.

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Building managerment service

At Officespot we manage our client’s buildings at the highest level. Getting the perfect company to manage your building can be hard at times. We ensure that we are available to offer the highest levels of building management systems to our clients.

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Officespot will help you make that journey in Vietnam a pleasant and efficient through offering the most accommodating rental offices, coworking space and virtual office.

Our clients love us

Just take a look at what our clients say about us. We thank them a lot for top ranking us and for using our services.

Perfect co-working place to go, very professional and comfortable place to work,, excellent service excellent customer service,, in very active area and also they offer you free coffee and free water,,, in officespot co working space you do not need any thing else because they have everything you need to work in a wonderful atmosphere…so for me i prefer to go there every time visiting ho chi minh city,,, so please everyone if you are looking for a professional co working space please do not think much about it and go directly to officespot co working space…. thank you officespot for wonderful service.
Waleed Elgaafary, Graphic designer

Mình luôn muốn tìm ra khu vực xa trung tâm thành phố khói bụi và ngồi làm việc tại không gian thoáng đãng, nhiều cây xanh vì mình cảm thấy stress nếu tới nơi Coworking mà mọi người cứ nhìn sang nhau quá nhiều. Ở đây nhân viên thân thiện và tạo cho mình cảm giác dễ chịu. Mình cũng không quá đòi hỏi ở chất lượng dịch vụ nhưng mình đánh giá cao việc chủ động cho Khách như thế này.

Hellen, Project Manager

A great coworking space for what I need. Especially with the amount of flexibility that officespot coworking offers. I could not ask for a better location to get a rental office.

Software developer, Dan Shwartz
Officespot co-working is a nice place to work as enjoying .Thanks to this place, I can create many ideas for my project and I do not feel tired because it looks like a home with full of modern conveniences. And a plus that makes officespot different from other offices is the tasty coffee. Moreover, the recceptionist is friendly. Furthermore, officespot has a big meeting room. And after leaving officespot, I have many new friends who are also the customers going there to work. I will come back soon and I decided to lease this office to work monthly. Thank you
Thuy Nguyen, PR Agency

If you are new to Ho Chi Minh and love to coworkers then I would definitely recommend Officespot Co-working. Stefan and Ha are always there to help you out and found them extremely friendly , making you feel right at home. I just arrived to the city a day before, the location is great and they have a great brew going there. So if you are a caffeine junky like me you will fit right in. If you are like me who crave real fast internet then you are in the right place with over 90 Mbps download speed. Overall it matched my expectation of what a Coworking space should look like. They are bit small from the ones I been before but they more than make it up by their helping attitude making it an ideal workspace.


Office spot coworking is located close enough to the center-city, yet they are not at the middle of things.

Anthony Leblanc, Founder at Hereby

I spent 6 days working at this coworking space. I really loved it. The spacious desks and luxurious ergonomic chairs are very comfortable, and so is the overall space. Staff is extremely kind and helpful; they assisted me with a range of things such as printing, wifi setup, and lunch arrangements. The facilities were also good. Wifi fast and stable. Good lunch which was a selection between sandwiches or noodles. There also was coffee, great coffee by Nespresso. A complimentary variety of fruits such as bananas, apples, and oranges were also provided. I will definitely come back if I’m back in Ho Chi Minh

Tom Nuss, Online Shop Owner

Mình luôn muốn tìm ra khu vực xa trung tâm thành phố khói bụi và ngồi làm việc tại không gian thoáng đãng, nhiều cây xanh vì mình cảm thấy stress nếu tới nơi Coworking mà mọi người cứ nhìn sang nhau quá nhiều. Ở đây nhân viên thân thiện và tạo cho mình cảm giác dễ chịu. Mình cũng không quá đòi hỏi ở chất lượng dịch vụ nhưng mình đánh giá cao việc chủ động cho Khách như thế này. Một điều đặc biệt nữa là Coworking này sát sườn quán cà phê rang xay bên cạnh nên thỉnh thoảng nghe mùi cà phê rất thú vị và thêm cảm hứng.

Long NaGa, Freelance Graphic Designer

Located in Ho Chi Minh City 7th district, ‘Officespot Coworking’ was a very quiet and special space. Manager ‘ha’ kindly explained in and out of the room, and also showed us the newly expanded event space and toilet. ‘Officespot Coworking’ also runs a virtual office service, so I want to introduce it to businessmen who want to enter Vietnam.The chair was as comfortable as the ‘dedicated desk’ service in other co-working spaces, and the desk was also very spacious.There was no restaurant nearby. But the local restaurant across the street was very satisfied with the taste and the price. I also liked having a private locker room.

Dave Sangjoong Kim, Founder Play With Code