In parallel with conventional office rental services, the type of virtual office as well as shared office is also becoming more and more popular and widely used. Most people have heard of these types of offices many times, but not everyone can distinguish and understand them. So through this article, let’s find out and compare these 2 types of office with Officepot!

About the type of shared office service

About the type of shared office service

  1. What is the definition of a shared office?

This type of office is considered an effective solution for individuals or organizations who do not want to spend too much on office rent but instead can share the same workspace. The shared offices will still be fully equipped with modern equipment like a traditional office.

Co-working space, also known as a shared office, is becoming more and more popular, especially in big cities. This type of office is very suitable for companies, businesses, or startups that are in the development stage.

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  1. Benefits of using shared office

Like a traditional office, a shared office is a place for companies and businesses to perform their daily work. You can use a shared office to work, meet, and create new ideas.

  1. Who should use shared offices?

Everyone can use a shared office, but for the following subjects, using Coworking place helps bring the greatest benefits:

– Newly established Startup companies

– Small and medium enterprises are on the way of development

– Companies and organizations tend to expand markets or business areas

– Foreign companies wishing to hire short-term companies

Virtual office services

  1. Definition

A virtual office is a type of service for companies wishing to rent an office space to trade, meet, and sign contracts with customers. This is also considered the legal office address of the company.

Businesses and companies can use virtual offices to work and meet like a traditional office. A virtual office also provides your company with other office services such as reception, fax, etc.

Virtual office services

  1. What is the virtual office service used for?

You can use the virtual office for the purposes of registering a legal business address. It can also be used as a place to transact, sign contracts with customers, and perform other activities.

  1. A suitable object for using a virtual office

Virtual offices can be used to expand market share, making small branches for a large company. They will make trading operations as well as operating much easier and more convenient.

In addition, this is a service that is very suitable for startups or small and medium businesses because of its convenience and cost savings.

Compare details of shared offices and virtual offices

The similarities of 2 types of office

Whether it’s a virtual office or a shared office, it’s a place to work and meet. They bring a lot of benefits to businesses or companies that use them due to their convenience and cost savings.


Target users of these two types of office services are somewhat different:

– For virtual offices, customers are mostly companies or organizations wishing to find and register a legal business address for themselves.

– As for shared offices, individuals or freelancers will be more likely to find and use this type of office service.

Features of 2 types of office

– A virtual office will usually be more macro and extensive than shared office. This type of office service has full reception, meeting rooms, or other room types to maximize the performance of transactions.

– The shared office will serve the purpose and activities of the individual is mainly a working seat and often will not integrate other utilities.

The above is the definition as well as the most basic information about the two types of office rental services that many people often confuse. If you still have questions or are planning to use one of the two types of office above, contact the Officespot immediately for free advice.

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