Meeting room and event Place

At Officespot we provide free meeting room near you with the perfect full equipments and nice designs. Contact us today and book to rent the most convenient office in Vietnam.

Mini Auditorium

  • Free meeting room 6 -10 people.
  • Semi-circle stage for 1-2 speakers.
  • Sound system and micro phone (if needed)
  • High speed – fiber optical internet connection.
  • Food & drink services (additional).

Event place and coffee talking for 20-35 people.

Special access to events, mixers and workshops are among benefits enjoyed by customers renting a coworking space with us.

Get Discount 20%-30% when book up to 4 hours access

Meeting Room

Officespot offers the perfect meeting rooms for rent. Are you looking for the most artistic meeting room near you? We understand how difficult it can be to hold meetings when you don’t have a location or office to do so. Don’t worry we got you covered. We offer well suited meeting rooms to rent. Contact us today and book your meeting room.

Meeting room for small group.

  • Long shape table for 10-15 people.
  • Comfortable chair, outlet on the table.
  • TV screen 55′ or Projector.
  • High speed – fiber optical internet connection.
  • Food & Drink services (additional).

Mini meeting


Small group: 10-15 people

Multimedia and centre screen projector

Offering a PA system

High speed – fiber optical internet connection.

1 hour access

Meeting Room Booking

    Included Amenities

    Secure access

    Digital lockers, Camera support, security gate 24 hours access safeguards you and your belongings.


    Free parking lot, either you come with a bike, motor bike or car

    Business-class printers

    Professional Wifi printer, free for 30 pages in a month, 1000VND/page after 30th page.

    Cleaning services

    Round the clock, our cleaning crew helps keep common areas, meeting rooms, and private offices looking their spiffiest. Cleaning service every day and repeat when it’s necessary.

    Complimentary refreshments

    Stay caffeinated with free micro-roasted coffee, tea, and keep your hydration up with refreshing fruit, water, milk with kitchen stuff and food re-heaters.

    Locker with keycard

    Your belonging will be safe with digital locker with digital keycard.