In recent years, with the rapid development of Vietnam’s economy, the introduction of new forms of services and new technologies has helped a lot for businesses and startups on the way of development.  Among them is virtual office services, with superior benefits and characteristics that are gradually becoming an alternative to traditional offices.

So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of each type of office service, find out with Officespot through the article below!

Outstanding advantages and disadvantages of the virtual office compared to the traditional one

About office rental costs of each type of office

In the form of virtual offices, businesses and companies will save a lot of office rental costs because this type of service is very affordable. In addition, although it only costs a small amount, your company can still receive all the amenities such as tables, chairs, machinery, the internet, … At the same time, you do not need to worry about additional expenses such as water, electricity, printing costs, etc. when renting a virtual office at Officespot.


About office rental costs of each type of office


So what about traditional offices? The cost of renting a permanent office is huge, regardless of whether you rent a floor or the whole building, you have to pay a large amount of office leasing. Especially in big cities like Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, to hire offices in the central districts or nearby districts, the director of the business must also solve the cost of renting an office for the company.

Moreover, the fixed costs such as electricity, water, internet, … is also an issue that your company must consider. Especially in the time of epidemic and economic difficulties today, the leaders have a lot harder to solve the problem of operating costs of businesses if they choose to hire traditional offices.

The services were accompanied by hiring virtual offices and traditional one

When choosing to hire a virtual office at Officespot, your company will be provided with a full range of utility services such as reception and receptionist who can assist you at a maximum when your employees are not present at the company. Moreover, the costs associated with cleaning services, office sweep, maintenance, printers, water will also be provided completely free of charge.

As for traditional offices, everything will not be available as virtual offices and you have to spend the cost to hire those services from a third party. Therefore, there will be more problems that you need to solve. Not only is it expensive, but also takes a lot more time than renting a virtual office.

The flexibility and convenience of these two types of office 

If you decide to rent a traditional office, you will have the right to design your office and arrange tables, chairs in your own ideas, thereby creating a comfortable working space. However, you should also know that the cost of office design and decoration will not be small and you will have to calculate more carefully if you still want to design your own office.

As for the type of virtual office, you will not be able to replace or arrange the workspace at your own discretion but use what you have in the lease unit.

But that will help you save the maximum costs as well as take advantage of the available resources of the virtual office leasing unit. In addition, the Virtual office service also has a spacious and modern workspace which is very suitable for startups enterprises, to thrive as possible to create and enhance efficiency.


The flexibility and convenience of these two types of office 

Legal issues of virtual office

If it is the first time to be exposed to the concept of a virtual office, there will surely be a lot of people in doubt about its legal properties. But according to the Enterprise law of the state of Vietnam in 2016, the virtual office is completely considered legal and can be assured to use along with the diverse utilities that it brings.

With the traditional office, of course, there will be more legal stability. But the paperwork, registration procedures are very complex and if you intend to move the office address in the future, then you will have to consider a lot of related problems.

Through this article, Officespot hopes that you have mastered the basics as well as get a better look at virtual office rental services that are very prevalent nowadays. From there, it is possible to choose for your company the most suitable type of office, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact Officespot immediately for a timely response!

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