4 types of costs you need to know before renting an office

If you are a business owner or a startup looking to give your company an office to work in, then the cost of renting will be an important consideration. However, you should know that the total cost of renting an office not only covers the monthly rent but also includes many other types of fixed and variable expenses. Are you wondering what those types of expenses include or are you able to cut some to save costs for your company? Let's [...]

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Distinguish the similarities and differences between a virtual office and a shared office?

In parallel with conventional office rental services, the type of virtual office as well as shared office is also becoming more and more popular and widely used. Most people have heard of these types of offices many times, but not everyone can distinguish and understand them. So through this article, let's find out and compare these 2 types of office with Officepot! About the type of shared office service What is the definition of a shared office? This type of office [...]

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