Co – Working space model is an ideal choice for small and medium companies or even freelancers. So what is Co – working space and why is it more effective than other office office models? Let’s find out with Officespot through the article below!

What is co – working space?

what is coworking space

Co – Working space model can be understood simply as a service of leasing seats. In Vietnam, this type of office is designed as well as fully equipped with the necessary facilities and equipment as a normal office. Companies and freelancers can choose flexible or fixed working seats on demand.

Co – working space is becoming more and more popular and expanded than ever in the big cities of Vietnam. It also includes other models such as traditional office, Coffee Space or Green Environment.

Why should you choose Co – Working place instead of Café to work effectively?

Co – working space is professional, creative and full of positive energy

When you choose to work in a coffee shop or even work at home, it is easy to lead to distraction, which can make you lose morale and motivation to work. Performance will also be much worse, resulting in many other negative consequences.

In contrast, the Co – working space office gives you a much more comfortable and professional working space. Instead of being noisy and crowded in cafes, with co – working space, you will enjoy an open, airy and quiet working space. This will help you focus and be creative for your work.

Maximum cost savings with the model Co – working space

When choosing to use Co – woking place, the first benefit that you can clearly see is that its price is very reasonable and affordable. With only a low cost, you can have a professional working environment, fully equipped with modern machinery and equipment.

Compared to the cost of renting a traditional office, for shared offices, you will save a huge amount of money. Moreover, compared to the amount of water or coffee that you have to spend to work in cafes, when using Co – working space, you will also see why more and more people are choosing to use this type of office. The variety and flexibility of the Co – working place service will also help you a lot in the process of choosing an idea address for your office.

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Creating Net Working and building new relationships

Instead of sitting alone and boring at the cafes, you can choose Co – working place to have the opportunity to interact, exchange and learn from other experts in the same working space. Converging a lot of companies, businesses, small and medium startups with freelancers, Co – working place will create the maximum opportunity for you to create Net Working as well as build relationships.

For businesses or companies with similar views and ideas, they can support each other to develop together. Because any company or starup will need to connect and want to be able to expand their Net Working, therefore, Co – working place is the place that gives them those opportunities.

Co – working space model not only can bring you more benefits than working at a cafe or at home. It is also a very promising environment, enabling individuals or companies to expand the Net working as well as future business partnerships.

Therefore, if you are looking for an ideal environment where you can focus on work and creativity, do you hesitate to try Coworking Space? At Officespot, we are committed to providing a full range of professional office leasing services to provide the best opportunities as well as experiences for individuals and businesses.

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